Meet the Team


Darius Martin

Co-Founder, Engineer

Darius is best defined as a “jack of all trades” with true entrepreneur spirit. Tackling the lionfish epidemic is one of the many challenges he has welcomed. Mr. Martin's mechanical background and “out of the box thinking” were instrumental in the Reef Sweeper's evolution.


Elizabeth Martin

Co-Founder, Executive Director

Elizabeth was ecstatic to help launch a company devoted to mitigating the environmental impact posed by the lionfish invasion. Growing up near the east coast of the US and with a career in the corporate insurance industry, she was readily equipped with the passion and knowledge to tackle this rewarding challenge.


Gavin Hunter


Gavin was chairman and CEO of BenchStrength International, an international consulting company for almost 20 years, before he retired in 2010. Intrigued by the challenges brought about by the lionfish invasion he was delighted to be invited to join the team and it is the first time in his career that he has really felt that the mission and purpose of the company is truly important and meaningful.


Nick Martin

Pilot, Engineer

Nick has spent most of his life exploring the Atlantic Ocean in one way or another. From deep sea fishing to diving, this magical environment has always been his preferred playground. Nick welcomed the opportunity to join a team dedicated to removing lionfish with an ROV.


Mike Wimmer

Head of Technology, Robotics Engineer

Mike Wimmer is a 14-year-old computer prodigy who brings a unique skill set to hard problems around the globe. His passion for using technology to solve real-world issues led him to create an AI system called ALFREDD, which has been a game changer in the battle against lionfish. Mike's unconventional approach to problem-solving has allowed him to achieve remarkable success in a short time span. His dedication and talent have made him a valuable asset to the team, and he continues to push the boundaries of what is possible with his innovative ideas.