lionfish photo

In light of this impending economic and ecological disaster Atlantic Lionshare Ltd. has developed an exceptional plan and methodology, embracing a critical need for a solution to this plague, in order to reduce the current population of lionfish.

Atlantic Lionshare has developed a commercially viable model to cull lionfish on a larger and ecologically significant scale, utilizing a patented (pending) technology called the Reef Sweeper. The Reef Sweeper is a remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV) that is equipped to extract lionfish from their habitat, quickly and effectively, without causing any further damage to other species or the surrounding environment.

A Reef Sweeper is a hybrid craft that, loaded with cameras, suction equipment, and holding cages, will be able to locate and harvest lionfish. Having no natural predators, lionfish are not conditioned to flee and therefore they can be harvested with relative ease once located.

With lionfish being caught in consistent and commercially viable quantities it will be important that their meat becomes part of the regular seafood diet. Surprisingly, the lionfish is one of the healthiest food options in the sea, being low in Omega 3, high in Omega 5 and carrying little metal content given their diet of infant fish and crustacea.

Our mission is therefore two-fold. The first is to harvest lionfish in quantities that will slowly diminish the damage that they are currently inflicting on the marine environment and the second is to establish it as a major food source – given its highly nutritious content. This cannot be done alone so Atlantic Lionshare hopes to garner the support of every local environment, its governments and its people, to encourage eating lionfish as an alternative food source to the hitherto common options.

We would encourage everyone to speak to their local restaurants, markets and stores to source lionfish and will be putting wholesalers in touch with everyone who will work with us to help protect our fragile planet.