The lionfish epidemic will, if not contained, effect almost every coastal region and it is therefore essential that communities begin to build forces to combat this. The simplest actions can easily become the most effective.

Therefore we ask:

Spread the word

Education at every level is essential when a product or entity is relatively unknown. There are great programs being developed by many associations as to the environmental impact of lionfish. Further knowledge must continue to be shared on their nutritional values and sushi grade characteristics. More people eating these predators will drive the economic model to extract them from the reefs.

Support all lionfish culling efforts

Atlantic Lionshare is the only industrial strength solution for culling lionfish. However, there are plenty of local spearfishing derbies and recreational divers who should be supported equally. Anything that gets lionfish out of the sea helps - so support or participate in any these activities.

Change the Menu

If everyone ate just one lionfish dinner a week it would reshape the entire profile of the problem. Lionfish, being a delicacy, can be prepared any way - from sushi to fish & chips. Restaurants and resorts should be encouraged to add lionfish to their menus as should every household.

Sponsor a Reef Sweeper

There are great sponsorship opportunities available through the Reef Sweeper program. Sponsors can get their logos on them, establish themselves as protectors of the environment, receive deliveries of lionfish for themselves or nominated charities, and will receive updates from Atlantic Lionshare’s Marine Ecologist as to the positive impact that sponsorship has had on the reefs and its inhabitants.

Catch Lionfish

A single female lionfish can produce up to 2 million eggs a year so every single lionfish removed from the sea makes a difference. There are many options available, from spearfishing to piloting/owning an Atlantic Lionshare Reef Sweeper, so if people have the inclination to assist they simply need to contact us or their local marine suppliers.